Automation Solutions

Consumer Goods

Oobotic’s expertise spans across various types of consumer products, including but not limited to utensils, containers, toys, tools, and all sorts of miscellaneous household items. From material handling and injection molding to assembly and packaging, Oobotic delivering seamless automation solutions that drive productivity and reduce production costs.

Home Appliances

With our extensive experience in home appliance manufacturing, we tailor automation systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of each product line. From refrigerators to washing machines, from ovens to vacuum cleaners, our solutions are meticulously engineered to optimize efficiency and ensure consistent quality in every unit produced.


Oobotic prioritizes seamless and sustainable designs and technologies to help you fully automate your manufacturing lines. From the initial ideation to the final implementation, our team provides custom solutions tailored to your industry that optimize production efficiency, enhance product quality, and streamline operations.


Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, our team of seasoned engineers works closely with clients to conceptualize and design automated facilities that optimize your production processes, enhance productivity, and streamline operations.


Drawing on our powerful industry partnerships, we source high-quality components and equipment to bring your automation vision to life. From robotics and machinery to sensors and software, we ensure that every part of your setup meets the gold standard of performance and reliability.


From inventory management to transportation, our tailored automation solutions can make it easier to get your products to your customers. Whether it’s improving your warehousing or allowing you to go back to domestic production saving on overseas shipping, Oobotic gives you a clear logistics advantage.

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Take the first step towards automating your operations when you sign up for a free consultation with Oobotic.

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