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Case Studies

Setting the groundwork for a transition to automated and domestic manufacturing, we help our clients with consulting, design, and R&D for their new facility.

Case Studies

After finding the optimal automation system for your business, we get to work putting those plans to action, handling the procurement, programming and assembly of the equipment.

Case Studies

Oobotic provides our clients with ongoing automation support through compliance testing, QA and maintenance that keep your facilities running like a well-oiled machine.

Oobotic provides the full automation package


Designed to Meet Your Application Needs

Oobotic works with your team from the onset to define your goals for your automation and develop a custom plan. When you partner with Oobotic, you can rest assured that your automation is not just a standardized offering but a meticulously crafted, personalized solution designed to solve your pain points and exceed your production expectations.


Receive Special Training to Master Your Machinery

Equip your team with the skills needed to leverage your factories’ cutting-edge automation technologies. Oobotic’s training courses cover everything from basic operation and maintenance to advanced applications. Through our expert-led workshops and personalized consulting, we empower your workforce to harness the full potential of your new production equipment.


Reduce the Headcount of Each Shift by 80%

According to one of our case studies, using traditional manufacturing methods required close to 50 operators per shift. Oobotic’s Efficiency Output has an expected rate of 260 pcs/hour, 6,000 pcs/per day per production line and requires less than 5 handlers and 5 technicians on site, per shift.

Your Partner for Everything Automation

Oobitic provides comprehensive automation services that can build your entire manufacturing base from scratch. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum—from designing and building automated production lines in the United States to assisting with ongoing logistics and maintenance and facilities management.

Who does Oobotic serve?

At Oobotic, we stand apart as your trusted automation partner, offering more than just cutting-edge technology. Discover the reasons why choosing us means choosing excellence


Oobotic revolutionizes plastic manufacturing, leading the industry with cutting-edge solutions in automation and injection molding for diverse product lines.


Oobotic excels in crafting automation solutions for electronic assembly,
ensuring precision, efficiency, and reliability.


We specialize in crafting tailored automation solutions for a range of consumer products, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

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Take the first step towards automating your operations when you sign up with a free consultation with Oobotic. In our discovery call, we’ll define your automation goals and propose a personalized solution to help you achieve them.

Sign Up for a Discovery Call

Take the first step towards automating your operations when you sign up for a free consultation with Oobotic.

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